Choosing Your A Levels – Advice

Hey everyone!

I’m 17 years old and I’m currently doing my AS levels in England. I have been wanting to write a blog for a while now but I was too worried about what other would think, but then I thought, why not just do it? So here I am! I’ll be writing about my experience of exams, revision, GCSEs, A levels, UCAS and university.


Firstly, choosing your A levels. My top tips:

1.       Take what you enjoy – yes I know it’s cliqued but you don’t want to take a subject that you don’t enjoy for 2 years of your life. Make sure that you enjoy it and that you are passionate about doing that subject outside of school. For example, if you wanted to do Sociology are you interested in the way society works?

2.       Don’t just take what you’re good at – again make sure you don’t take something because you’re good at it. If you hate Maths but are doing extremely well you may not like it at A level as it can be completely different. Take what you enjoy!

3.       Don’t bow down to peer pressure – my friends are taking Physics, Maths and Chemistry but you’re not a science person? Yep that’s the situation that I was in. It’s OK. You’ll make plenty of new friends who are doing similar subjects to you and you’ll even make friends who are in you’re year but you have never spoken to before! Sixth form is completely different to the other years of the school because all (well, most) people in your classes actually want to be there so they will be putting is as much effort as possible in order to get the best grades.

4.       Think about your future career or what you would like to do at university – try to take subjects related to that but if you don’t know that you want to be then that’s ok to. Try to pick subjects that will leave your options open.

5.       Do research into the A level course before you start – make sure you find out what your course entails before you actually start it. For example, if you are doing German look online to see if there are any YouTube videos about the course that explain the topics that you will be doing. Or before you leave for summer ask for the AS text book that you can read over to summer to make sure that the course is definitely for you!

I’ll try to post again soon but I have exams soon. Good luck to anyone else who has exams!


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