Campus VS Non-Campus Universities

A campus university is a university that is situated on one site, with student accommodation, teaching and research facilities, and leisure activities all together. For example, York, Nottingham, Warwick, Royal Holloway, Loughborough, Brighton are all campus universities. A non-campus or city campus is where the student accommodation, teaching and research facilities, and leisure activities are integrated within a city. For example, Sheffield Hallam, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester and Edinburgh are all city campuses.

Campus Universities



  • Only students who live on campus
  • Safer atmosphere
  • Easy to get around
  • Accessible student unions, gyms, bars on campus, easy to get to lectures


  • Less privacy
  • Limited space
  • There may be too much going on

Non-Campus Universities

city campus


  • More lively
  • More choice of where to go out
  • No need for buses home
  • Sometimes seen as more “wild” but easier to get lost!


  • Sometimes more expensive
  • More responsibility
  • Possible isolation from activities

Overall, deciding whether to go to a campus university or a non-campus university is a personal choice. Think about what is important to you. You may even want to put together a list of your own pros and cons because you need to make the decision that is best for you, your budget, and your own living style.

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One thought on “Campus VS Non-Campus Universities

  1. […] The location of your uni campus if very important. For example, Brighton university has many different campuses, some are 10 minutes away from the town centre but others are a 30 minute bus journey. Think about where you’d prefer to be – in the actual city or in a campus further away. For more information on campus and non-campus universities click here. […]


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