Best Tips For Being Organised & Keeping Your Files Organised

It is very important that you keep your files organised when doing A Levels as you don’t want to have a middle-of-the-year-file-panic, where you can’t find any of the work that you need, so I’ve complied my top tips for keeping them organised and neat.

1.Colour Code Your Files With Your Textbook

Sociology is orange, ICT is purple
Sociology is orange/gold, ICT is purple

This means that you can easily distinguish which file is for which subject just by looking at it. If you buy 3 files that are all plain black there is no way to distinguish them, so I customised mine with washi tape (click here for more info) and coloured stickers (click here). This meant I could easily grab my files and know that I’d got the right one without having to open it.

2.Use Highlighters and Pens To Colour Code

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Okay, so I like colour coding but it really does help! Here are my Sociology perspectives and I try to stick to these when I write my notes as it makes identifying things really easily as you don’t have to read the entire thing if you’re just looking for a certain perspective.

3.Use Your Locker (if you have one)


My locker became my life! I was straight to it when I arrived, at break, at lunch and at the end of the day. I tried to keep my files in my locker and only bring the bits of work that I needed home as it was so annoying having to carrying my files home. However, if you don’t have a locker only bring the work you need in with you.

4.Use File Dividers


This one is obvious but they help you separate the topics in each subjects, however, if you’re using plastic wallets, the dividers aren’t big enough to stick out of the side, so I just folded a section over and put them into a wallet.

5.Use Plastic Wallets

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This means that if it’s raining your work won’t get wet and by the end of the year your paper will be ripped out of your file and the wallets prevent this from happening. Also, if you’ve got Sharpie’s you can write the subject/topic on the front and it won’t get rubbed off.

6.Buy A Student Planner


My school provides these but if they don’t then you need to buy one as you’ll be using it every lesson. You can write down all of your essays and work you have to do, which is great for staying organised and on top of your work.


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