Study/Revision Tips

I’ve complied a list of my favourite revision tips. I hope they help some of you out!

1.Only Highlight Important Parts1

I know it’s hard to not get carried away and highlight everything, so try to only highlight names, titles and definitions. That way the highlighters will fulfil their job and the whole page won’t look like a rainbow.

2.Use Coloured Pens


I like to highlight important parts but write definitions and longer things (like paragraphs) in coloured pen. This makes your notes easier to read.

3.Use Flashcards


I know that these don’t work for everyone but I think that they are great. If you write them out then you’re learning but if you choose to go online I strongly recommend Quizlet or Cram. Quizlet allows you do more games and there are more resources to choose from but it expects you to know everything immediately as you star the ones you get wrong, unlike Cram where you simply have a ‘I got it right’ or ‘I got it wrong’ button to click and it repeats all of the ones you said that you got wrong. Either method that you choose they’re great for writing out past paper questions and having the answer on the back as your friends/family can test you.

4.Rewrite Notes From Class

I like to rewrite all of my notes that I’ve taken in class into a separate revision book when I get home. This means that if I don’t understand something I can read the textbook and add in more information. This also allows you to think about your colour coding more and it gives you time to rewrite it neatly so that you can actually read your notes!

5.Make Videos/Scipts


I set up a YouTube channel (click here for more info) especially for revision videos (mostly for Sociology) and I found that this really helped because it meant I was processing the information in a different way. Also, I made a script and I got my family members to be different characters and read it would whilst I recorded it. This was really useful because it meant I was able to listen to my revision on the move.

6.Revise With Friends

Teenagers doing homework in outdoor park.

This is very useful because you can test each other and talk about areas that you don’t understand. It is important that you prepare what you’re going to do before though, otherwise you might end up messing about and not doing any revision at all.

7.Do Past Papers

Preferably, as many as possible. I struggled to do this as I thought that revising that actual content was more important than testing myself. I would learn one topic then do one or two previous questions to make sure that you know it. If you get it wrong take another look at your notes and then retry.

8.Rewrite Your Essays Once They’ve Been Marked

This may seem like such a drag but trust me this will really pay off. It means you’ll have a perfect essay and you won’t have to try an read what your teacher has written on your work as you will have rewrote it all in your own handwriting. Plus, you’ll be going over the work again which will help you remember it even more thoroughly.

9.Stick Things On Your Wall

on wall

You know what they say; make the most of your space! During exam season you can no longer see my One Direction posters 😥 but instead I have valuable revision notes stuck all over my walls. It means that when I’m sitting at my desk and I look up, I read the information that’s there.

10.Use Post-it Notes and Stick Them Around Your House

Obviously not as many as this!
Obviously not as many as this!

This works really well! I used different coloured pens and I wrote Sociology statistics, which meant that when I was in the exam I remembered the statistic due to its position in my house. This sounds so weird but it really does help!


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