First Day of A2


I had my first day at A2 today and after receiving my new timetable I was excited to get started with my subjects. I started off the day with speaking to a few Year 12s about sixth form life, the subjects that I do, what’s expected of you and just general advice about A Levels. It was really interesting listening to what they had to say as I was in their exact situation last year and I was so nervous about it all.

After that our year group had an assembly for Year 13 students (it feels so scary being top of the school) where our head of sixth form lectured us about how much harder it is to AS, how much more pressure it is and how much harder we’re all going to have to work. You get used to these assemblies as they talk about the same thing every time!

After break I had my first lesson which was ICT. We didn’t really do much; just printed off our work that we had to do over the summer and edited some of it. I had lunch and then I headed off to Sociology. Our two teachers need to speak to each other more because they both did the exact same thing; went through our grades, what the previous year 13s got and lectured us that if we don’t work hard we won’t get a good grade. Again you get used to this sort of stuff.

That was it for the day and I was free! Feel free to ask me any questions you have about A Levels in the comments and I’ll do my best to get back to you!


10 thoughts on “First Day of A2

      • Me too! I did take English literature as an AS subject but that was the one I dropped. I haven’t started yet, I have a welcome day on Monday and classes start on Wednesday (not looking forward to that as we used to have Wednesday’s off) haha


  1. I’ve come across your blog and I can’t help myself from scrolling through your posts! A2 is crazy and I’ve only been back a few days so your revision tips are going to become very helpful! 😉

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