The Best Websites For Choosing a Uni and Course

When you first start A Levels deciding which websites are good for comparing unis can be a mystery. There are so many websites each offering individual services it’s hard to work out which ones are actually worthwhile using. I’ve listed the ones which I think are vital to use and even sign up to for a successful choice.

UCAS (obviously)
This website has all of the courses for all universities available. This is the website you use to submit your personal statement and list your uni choices. Don’t sign up to this until you’re told to as you need a login name that can only be provided by your sixth form.



This was one of the first websites that I started using and it is so useful! It has loads of informal advice about personal statements, choosing a course and lots more. If you sign up to this one it provides you with a timeline of where you should be at and advice for each stage.

Best Course 4 Me


This website allows you to select the A Levels that you do, from that it works out possible degree courses, then it shows what universities you can do your chosen course(s) at and then it shows you possible careers after your degree.

The Guardian and The Independent League Tables


Obviously you shouldn’t base your uni decision on these but they still give you a good indication of each university and things like the staff to student ratio which is an important factor.

Pure Potential


This website guides you through each step of the university application process and it is great as it makes it seem so much less scary than what it is.



This includes all official data for undergraduate courses on each university and college’s satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey, jobs and salaries after study and other key information for prospective students. This is more than what the league tables provides and it is useful for finding out insider information.



This website is very informal but it contains the most random BUT important factors for choosing a uni such as the price for a pint etc (please don’t base your whole decision on this!!)



Not many people seem to use this website but personally I think it’s really good. You add any achievements you’ve done as well as photos and a little description of what you did, why and what you learnt. It matches you with possible unis that do your course with the grades that they require and if you’re lucky the unis might message you to say that they’re interested!


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