Best A Level Revision Websites

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I’ve been so busy with my school work and I just didn’t have to time to write. Anyway, I thought I’d give you a few of my top websites that I used last year when I was revising for my exams.

  1. Cram/Quizlet

This is great for languages and just for making general flashcards. I used them for my German-English vocab, English Language terminology and Sociology short answer questions. (They’re all hyperlinked).

  1. Get Revising

This website creates a revision schedule for you where you can enter when you’re available to revise and it allows you to create: documents, revision cards, revision notes and presentations that can be shared with other people. I didn’t use this one much but I know one of my friends used it for everything!

  1. S-Cool

This doesn’t allow you to create your own content but you can do a quick recap of the information you’ve learnt so that you have definitely understood it.

  1. YouTube

This one may seem strange but you can find loads of revision videos for your subject. It makes learning fun and interactive. Even if there isn’t a video about the content your looking for; why not make your own videos? That’s what I did. (Here’s my channel link). I really helped me remember stuff because I was  learning in a different way than before and if you make little random songs they’re also great!

  1. BBC Bitesize (for GCSEs)

BBC Bitesize was my life at GCSEs. I used it for everything! It has the information you need to learn, videos of the content and then you can do a test on the information. It’s great!


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