Music for Revising

There’s nothing better than a good music playlist to revise to so I’m going to share some of my favourite artists and songs that are great to listen to whilst working.

Radio 1

This isn’t technically just pure music but you will end up loving the presenters (Matt Edmondson, Greg James, Scott Mills & Chris Stark, Grimmy etc). They do the most random but extremely entertaining games that will have you in hysterics. If you have a long journey to go on download the BBC Radio app and download the free podcasts that they put out because they will keep you entertained for the entire way!


One Direction

Of course… 1D are my favourite band and if you haven’t heard ‘Made In The A.M.’ check it out (even if you don’t like them) as I forced my best friend to listen to their new album and she was so surprised that she actually liked it. There’s quite literally something for everyone on this album, from the Jungle Book to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you’re bound to find at least one song that you like. If you’re a Directioner please follow my 1D fan account on Twitter: @Izzy_B_1D.


5 Seconds of Summer

Their new album ‘Sounds Good, Feels Good’ is also great with upbeat songs that encourage you to work productively. The songs on this album are much slower than their first on which makes this perfect for revising as you can have them playing in the background whilst you’re able to work.



I’ve made my own playlist that I will sometimes listen to if I want more variation and my playlist pretty much covers all of my favourite songs and artists. If you want to check it out click here. YouTube is great as you can add any songs that you like but the only issue with the website is the adverts. Spotify is slightly better but even that has ads.


That was a list of my favourite things to listen to and I hoped this helped.


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