Routes Into Teaching

I’ve been talking about my gap year in South Africa a lot on this blog recently but today I thought I would go back the the posts that I used to do; A Level and university advice. So that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

There any many different routes into teaching from an undergraduate degree (BA or BEd), Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), Teach First and many others. In this post I’m going to be talking about the undergraduate course as that’s what I’ve applied to do.

Why I chose teaching

Deciding your future can be hard, especially as young people are expected to know what they want to do for the rest of their life from such a young age. Luckily, I’ve known that I wanted to be a primary school teacher from the moment I left primary school. I did a lot of babysitting and I saw how rewarding it was to see the children grow up and develop as individuals and I knew that I wanted to be an influential role model and make a positive difference on young children’s lives.

My application process

  1. In April 2015, we had a UCAS convention that enabled us to speak to loads of different universities and get a prospectus or ask any questions we had about the uni in general.
  2. In late May 2015, I started to make a list of the top 10 universities that I was interested in and I then narrowed that down to 5/6 places that I wanted to visit. I started to book open days (read why they’re so important here) and arranged my travel there.
  3. By August 2015, I visited all the the uni’s that I was interested in attending and I had started to work on my personal statement.
  4. By late November 2015, I had sent off my application and then all I could do was wait for interview offers. I applied to Sheffield Hallam University, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Cumbria, University or Derby and Birmingham City University.
  5. By January 2016, I had received 5/5 interview offers and all I needed to do was prepare for them and hopefully succeed in all of them.
  6. By February 2016, I had succeed in 3/3 interviews and as I knew which two uni’s I wanted to go to, I withdrew my application to the two other universities that I was no longer interested in attending.
  7. By April/May 2016, I hope to have passed my QTS skills tests (for more information click here).
  8. In August 2016, I hope that I get the grades that I need (BBB) to start my teaching course in 2017. I’m taking a gap year to teach in South Africa as my application is a deferred entry.
  9. In September 2017, I hope to attend Sheffield Hallam university and I hope that my year abroad will give me all of the experience I need.

My advice

  • Gather a list of all the places in the UK that do Primary Education (here) and get a prospectus from every single university that offers it.
  • Get as much work experience as you can as this will enable you to write more in your personal statement and talk more about your experiences in your interviews.
  • Only apply to a university if you would seriously consider going there. Don’t just put an extra one or two down in case you don’t get offered an interview because it’s much harder to withdraw your application at a later date.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you!


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