How To Choose A University

Deciding where you want to go for 3 years of your life can seem like a daunting decision but, with my help, hopefully you’ll be able to make the correct choice. If you are thinking about going to uni, all of my university advice is on this page so please feel free to use it if you need more help.


  1. Look at the uni course

All university courses are different so it is important that you read up on the course that you are going to study. Order all of the prospectuses of the universities that you are interested in so that you can highlight, scribble and underline key parts of your course. If you are unsure about what course to study, this post might help.


2. Location

  • Do you want to stay at home?
  • Do you want to move as far away as possible?
  • Do you want to be in a big city?
  • Would you prefer to be in the county side?

The location of your uni campus if very important. For example, Brighton university has many different campuses, some are 10 minutes away from the town centre but others are a 30 minute bus journey. Think about where you’d prefer to be – in the actual city or in a campus further away. For more information on campus and non-campus universities click here.

open days

3. Visit the university

Make a list of some the the universities that you’d like to visit and start to plan open days. You can always bring friends or family along if you don’t feel confident enough going on your own, plus a second opinion is always useful. I explained the importance of open days here.

league table.png

4. Look at the league tables

Yes, they are not everything but they will give you an understanding of which universities have a good reputation for a certain subject.

student reviews.jpg

5. Read student reviews

Whatuni  has some great student reviews which is really useful because they give you a great insight into other people’s experiences of the course that you want to study.

spreadsheet uni.png

6. Make a spreadsheet or database

Make a spreadsheet that contains the course, location, grades required, things you like and dislike about the course, things you like and dislike about the uni etc. This will help you to see which uni is best for you.

If you are still struggling have a look at these websites:


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