Spa Day – Fundraising Event Five

I had a spa day on Sunday 3rd April in order to fundraise for my trip to South Africa. The entrance fee was £5 but there were many different spa options available to the women. We had face masks, a foot spa, massages and nail painting.  It was a successful afternoon which made £80 which brings my total up to £4,650. I’m 75% of the way to completely my fundraising as I need to get to £6,200 before July. If you do want to donate you can click here – no donation is too small and anything is appreciated.

Here are some photos from the spa say.

There was plenty of face mask choice – from white chocolate to superfruits.
Take your pick of nail varnish colour!
Thank you to my sister who, voluntarily, painted people’s nails.
Thanks to my Dad who’s a trained masseuse and was willing to give people hand and foot massages.
The foot spa was amazing and if you ever have to opportunity to use one, go for it!

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