First Impressions 

I have arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa to sunny, 18C weather. We were picked up that the airport by our country representative and after an hours drive of experiencing the busy motor way, we arrived at a backpackers hostel.

It was weird seeing the South African motorway as it’s very similar to British ones but at the same time they’re extremely different. For a start, there are so many advertisements throughout the journey. There was almost one on every other lamppost. There were an adverts for computers, foods and car rental. It’s insane! The second difference is the fact that some young South Africans try to sell you things at traffic lights. I’ve seen this on documentaries before, but I didn’t think this many people would be part of this trade. Some of items that were being sold were quite impressive. I remember one man making animals, vases and flowers just out of metal wire and some coloured beads. 

On the other hand, the South African motorway is pretty similar. The signs are just like the ones in the UK. 

Also, South Africa is an incredibly diverse and proud nation which can be seen by the constant country flags on display. I didn’t realise how true the term ‘rainbow nation’ was to South Africa until today. 

It has only been my first day here and already I’m loving the country. It’s the perfect blend of traditional African culture with a new western vibe to it. There’s going to be so much to do and learn about whilst I’m here but I can’t wait to experience it all. 

Today I  sorted out a South African SIM card for my phone and tomorrow we’ll be getting a day of training with our country rep before we fly out to Bethany Home on Sunday or Monday. 

I shall keep you updated as to how my year unfolds but for now this has been my first 12 hours in South Africa and I hope you enjoyed reading about them. 


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