The First Weekend in Johannesburg 

The first three days of being in South Africa have been exciting in every way possible. We arrived at the Backpakers hostel on Thursday  and we bought SIM cards for our new South African phones on the same day. 

On Saturday, we had a full day of training with our country reps in which we received in depth country information about South Africa. There’s going to be so much to learn and adapt to in the year! We received our onward flight tickets to Mthatha and I’ll be flying tomorrow (Monday) to my project. I’m so excited to get there and get stuck in with the work. 

Today (Sunday), we had a sad but relaxed day at the hostel. Most other volunteers were leaving today to go to their projects so it was hard to say goodbye to our South African buddies but hopefully we’ll all meet up around Christmas. 

The temperature today was only 7C which is even colder than England at the moment! I didn’t expect it to be this cold but I’m thankful I packed my warm coat just in case it was chilly. It seems so weird that everyone is wearing jumpers and hoodies in South Africa. We were all expecting warmer weather. 

We had a pretty relaxed morning but we headed to Hyde Park shopping centre to buy a few things before we headed back to the hostel for lunch. After lunch, we decided to head to the famous Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. It was an enlightening, educational and enjoyable experience and I hope I can visit the museum again. Seeing the quotations that Mandela stated demonstrated just how inspiring and influential he was. South Africa should be very proud that they’ve had such a great leader who changed the country for the better. 

Thank you very much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to ‘follow’ my blog so you can receive email updates when I upload a new post. My next update should arrive when I start my work at Bethany Home so you can find out exactly what I’m up to. 


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