Power Cuts and Hair Removal Cream (Week 2)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in uploads but I hope I’ve made up for it by uploading 2 posts this week for you to enjoy. 

On Monday we went into work thinking that it’d just be a normal day but after doing the usual of changing and feeding the toddlers we also removed their hair. It sounds a bit cruel when you phrase it like that but at Bethany Home they use hair removal cream and they then scrape it off with a large lollipop stick. It’s totally understandable why they do it (to prevent headlice) but it was just a very weird thing that we did. I never imagined I’d be scraping a child’s hair off when I thought about my year abroad. 

During this week we experienced our first and second power cuts in South Africa! We were just sitting at the kitchen table (well the meeting room that we are kindly allowed to use as the flat is too small to have it’s own table) having dinner when all of a sudden the wind picked up, out of no where I should add, and all of the lights went out. It was quite scary to suddenly  have all of the lights go out but thankfully we had our torches close by and we recently bought some candles in case of an emergency so we lit them and continued with our meal. On Saturday night, the lights went out again but this time it was completely out of the blue. I guess we’re going to have to get used to power cuts and be prepared at all times. 

This week I also volunteered in the pre-school (the kids are aged 5-6) in the mornings and I continued to look after the toddlers in the afternoon. I know that this year will challenging as I’ve already felt like shouting at the kids and my patience has definitely been tested but I know that the more I experience the more I will learn and this will help me become the best primary school teacher I can be when I return to the UK.

Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ll be able to update you next week of my next adventure. 


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