Visiting Mdumbi (in week 6)

A few weekends ago we took a trip to Mdumbi, about 16km away from Coffee Bay. The weekend was so relaxed and the place was absolutely amazing. We left Mthatha at 4pm on Friday and so by the time we arrived at Mdumbi it was already dark so we were yet to know the beautiful views we’d see in the morning. We woke up ridiculously early for a Saturday morning but the sun was blinding us though the curtains and we were keen to get out into the sunshine. We all had a delicious cooked breakfast before Chloe and Jess decided that they wanted to go surfing for the day. I’ve never been surfing before so I chose to chill on the beach whilst I watched them surf on the Wild Coast waters. 

They lasted such a short period of time and I was very confused when I saw them walking back to me with their surf boards in their hand. It turned out they had be swept out into a current and it wasn’t safe enough for them to surf any more. We slowly made our way back to the hostel as Chloe and I struggled to carry her surf board together up the hill. 

We then had a pretty chilled evening. It was sea food night at the hostel and although I am vegetarian, I do eat fish (pescetarian as some of you may know). The meal started off with muscle soup, followed by fish and the hostel’s homemade ice cream. All absolutely delicious.  

I got an early night and it wasn’t long before we had to say goodbye to this beautiful place. We took a brief beach walk in the morning and then we headed back to the hostel to pack our things and head back to Mthatha. I thought the transport would be just like our outward journey (a spacious minibus) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We returned in a 5 seater truck and when there’s 10 of you it becomes a problem. However, four brave souls were willing to sit in the boot whilst the rest of us squeezed into the car. After the bumpy and long three hour journey we finally arrived in Mthatha where we all headed home. 

Mdumbi is a beautiful place and I really hope we go back there in the future. It’s more relaxed, peaceful and so much quieter than Coffee Bay which makes it a perfect escape from the loud children’s home we work in. I do love it here though and everyday I’m not with the kids I miss them so much. 

Thank you for reading and I hope to post again soon. 


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