Mocks & Motivation

I have finally finished all three of my mock exams and I feel like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. However, finding the motivation to revise for mocks is extremely difficult but I’ve come up with my top tips to help you concentrate and stay focused.

They’re not ‘just mocks’

Well okay they are but they are used in so many different ways. If you’re in Year 12 mocks can be used to: indicate your process, check that you understand the subject, help make your predicted grades and give the teacher an indication about your work ethic. They can be very important if you have moved to a new sixth form or have a new teacher since they will be judging you on these sorts of things. If you are in Year 13 mocks can: indicate how determined you are, allow your teachers to edit your predicted grades (which may be essential for getting into uni), check that you are managing your time wisely and you are keeping up with the work load.

You will use this knowledge in the future

So why not make the effort to learn it now? It’ll be much easier if you try to learn it now and gradually pick it up and by the time you reach that dreaded exam in the summer you will understand everything so much better.

Teachers use your mock grade

They use it for numerous reasons: to check how you’re performing, to ensure that you’re coping, to see if you need extra help, to compare with other subjects and for many other reasons. Your teachers may have preconceived ideas about you and this is, possibly, one of your only opportunities to change that. For instance, you may have not done as well as you expected in you AS grades but these mocks can be used to demonstrate just how much effort you’re willing to put into A2 and secure a place in higher education.

They influence your predicted grades and university

For a start, these mocks may hinder your final A2 predicted grades which will either turn your dreams into a reality of getting into your firm choice or they may smash them if you perform badly. Universities may also base their decision on your offer depending on what you get in mocks so it is essential that you try your hardest as your teachers will pick up on the fact that you have actually made an effort.

I hope that this gave you some motivation to revise and let me know if you have any future posts you’d like me to do! 


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